Saturday, December 15, 2012

Buffalo Turkey Lasagna

If it's Buffalo chicken-like, it must be from  I think that's how it goes.  As you know, I enjoy the flavors but not the mess, so this recipe caught my eye.  It's tomato-y, so I don't know that Eleanor would be a fan; that's why I decided to make this while she was traveling for a swim meet.  I still have a bit of leftover turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving; and, while I love smoked turkey, it's a bit limiting in how it can be used in recipes after the main meal.  For example, a turkey carcass from a smoked turkey is NOT a good soup choice.  And I speak from experience.

I had some leftover marinara sauce from the high school spaghetti dinner just lurking in my freezer as well.  I decided I needed to thaw both of these items and put them together into a tasty new dish.  There has been quite a bit of chaos and mess in my house recently...just too many weekends jam packed with events.  Trying to pick up the house on a weeknight isn't realistic for me.  Just making dinner, doing a small amount of job work on the computer, perhaps throwing in a load of laundry...that's about all I can manage.  Anyway, I was feeling the need to tidy things up a bit, so I thought cleaning out the freezer would be a manageable task that would accomplish getting dinner on the table as well.

This coming weekend for me promises to leave a few moments of de-trashing the house time.  As I look around I realize it's all about entropy....heading to maximum disorder.  I do know that it only takes a few minutes (like 30-60) to get it to a place that I can feel comfortable.  I just need to have that time to get it under control.  As my former co-worker would say, "an option to cleaning the house is to lower your standard".  This has worked for me for quite awhile, but eventually I don't feel my standard can get much lower.  I did clean bathrooms last weekend, since just having those clean often helps me to feel better....and it did.  But now, the de-clutter must happen.  So, starting with the freezer, her I go:

I suspected the smoked turkey would stand up to the strong flavors, and it did.  This was perfectly fine....not a favorite in this house yet solidly good:)

Here's the recipe:
Buffalo Chicken Lasagna
Check out that blog for a picture as well.....I forgot to take one!

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