Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spice Cookies

Hmmm...that photo app needs a bit of work as far as rotating the picture.  I guess I will need to work on that a bit.  I had hoped to make these for a swim meet the other weekend; however, I coordinated volunteers for part of the meet, made a salad, and made puppy chow.  That seemed to be where my capabilities ended....and I knew that there were enough cookies in the contest already.  I did have the dough just lurking in the refrigerator though, so I rolled these out and baked them.  I was feeling especially proud of my artistic photo and the fact that I uploaded it from my phone.  Now I just have to learn to use the rotation app.
Biscoff Cookie Recipe is linked from here; however, I didn't really think these tasted like Biscoff, but I thought they were good spice cookies.  I did not make the frosting....that seemed like overload to me.

I'm not much of a Christmas cookie baker since I end up eating them.  I usually make a thing or two....and end it right there.  I should probably spend my time figuring out how to rotate pictures....just may be time better spent.

I also learned how to snapchat today, so I'm feeling a bit fiesty and techy.  Not bad for a rainy weekend day.

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