Friday, December 7, 2012

Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet Potato Black Bean and Goat Cheese Pizza

I like the combo of flavors on this pizza...and that's why it caught my eye. beans and sweet potatoes (one of my favorite burrito combinations)....add some goat cheese and pizza crust...and I am in!  I thought I would go entirely the way of the foodiebride and try the dough recipe she recommends as well.

The week started with unseasonably warm temperatures for Wisconsin.  I mean, 60 degrees feels good and all, but I have to say that it is a bit concerning since it is December.  Global warming?  There sure is something odd about this.  I think if it were a sunny day I would like it a bit better than having a fog hanging over us.  Anyway, it really wasn't a great night for pea soup, even though the fog was as thick as pea soup.  It was one of those recipes that seemed like a good idea when I was meal planning; however, it ended up being a bit of a dud the night we were having it.  It was all OK....because the crockpot pea soup was followed by this pizza.

The crockpot pea soup rocks...throw everything in and it's ready upon arrival home.  It is a bit of a struggle to get past the look of it.  I was the only one who would take it to work...and a co-worker ate a bit of it too.  No one else is brave enough to have those leftovers in their lunch.  The taste is worth it to me.

And it does make me wonder about the expression, "the fog is as thick as pea soup".  Really?  What an odd thing.  A quick online search revealed it is possibly related to yellow pea soup and yellowish industrial fog as referred to in 19th century British literature.  Well, our fog hasn't been yellow but it was thick near the lake.

Anyway, I'm a fan of the flavors black bean and sweet potato...especially together.  Throw in goat cheese.....and I'm sold!  I used the James Lahey dough recipe, which freezes nicely.  I didn't freeze the remainder yet, since I'm sure that I will need a quick meal at some point on this cRAzY busy weekend ahead.

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