Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Veggie pasta

Still working through the box of vegetables from the CSA. There was great abundance last time and we were away for a few days after receiving the box.

For this dinner I cooked a couple slices of bacon, drained the majority of the fat, then cooked some chopped red onion, chopped patty pan squash, and diced fennel bulb. I added some basil, salt, and pepper (spice blend from Penzeys) at the end of cooking. The pasta was topped with chopped tomato and Parmesan cheese.

At our house we're a bit crazy about bacon. Until a kitchen remodel a few years ago we wouldn't cook it inside due to the lingering smell. We would cook it outside in an electric skillet and watched all the dogs from the neighborhood wander over to our house. That's a true story...we had 5 dogs we had never seen before in our yard staring at the pan! Last year we bought my husband a shirt that says, "Bacon is meat candy"! OK, so that may not fall into the fresh category of the blog...but it IS tasty. I usually buy a 3pack of Usinger's apple smoked bacon at the warehouse club freezing two of the packages to start and using a couple slices at a time from the reamining package for various recipes. It does make everything tastier:) Seems like it can't be THAT bad if three of us are eating a total of three slices at a meal!

I did not get a picture of this, so you;ll have to imagine how it looks as well as how it tastes.

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