Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pork Chops with Plum Glaze

Ready to go in the Oven
This is an adaptation of Pork Roast with Plum Glaze from I found this recipe about a year ago after my son, who had been eating plums like crazy, just stopped and left me with a warehouse sized container of very ripe plums! I will admit, this is a lengthly process. I would say that it is best to make the plum butter ahead of time and freeze it, then the actual pork recipe is not very time consuming. Another comment, plum butter sounds really fancy but it is basically just plum "apple" boil down some plums, and puree them... The plum butter recipe is embedded in the recipe above. THIS RECIPE IS TOTALLY WORTH THE EFFORT!!!!

Just out of the oven
When I made this with pork chops instead of a pork roast, I used very thick, at least 2" chops that I can get at my warehouse store.  The timing was very similar to the pork roast as the chops still took about 50 minutes. If you use a thinner chop, definitely check the doneness based on temperature, not time.

I served this with a fall medley of butternut squash and savoy cabbage. The medley was good, but we all felt it needed more seasoning, particularly more soy sauce. The  meal has an asian feel with the plum butter and the asian seasoning in the vegetables, a nice change from our traditional american fare...
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