Friday, September 17, 2010

Frontier Soups

Fun things are happening with our blog! Last week I noticed a comment on our post regarding Frontier Soups and the comment was from Frontier Soups! Apparently a friend of the owner saw our blog and sent the link to the company. When I contacted the company, I got a thank you for featuring their products on the blog and yesterday I got a thank you package! The package contained Tortilla Soup mix, Chicken Noodle soup mix and Oatmeal mix.  The Tortilla Soup is a family favorite and we are looking forward to trying the new Gluten Free version of their Chicken Noodle.  As for the oatmeal, this is a first for our family, and it will probably be a Sunday morning breakfast in the near future! Thank you Frontier Soups!


  1. Look at that! You're famous:)

  2. You should post ideas for lunches to bring to work---that are healthy and easy to put together.

    Erin V