Monday, September 13, 2010

Stocking the Freezer - Taco Meat

OK, I know you all know how to make tacos, so this will be a very short post and will not have any pictures...this is a "planning post".

Tomorrow is Sendik's 1 day meat and seafood sale, so I decided to take a freezer inventory. I have three freezers, two side by side "halves" and a stand alone freezer. I knew I was running low on meats and seafood, but wow, I really am running low! The only meat in my freezer was about 41/2 lbs of hamburger meat and 5 pork chops. I knew the hamburger had been in the freezer a while, so I decided to make a bunch of taco meat. I usually do turkey tacos or half turkey and half hamburger, but today we are going 100% ground beef!

I use Penzey's Taco Seasoning, it is a well balanced mix. Dinner is covered for tonight and I will be able to freeze three containers of meat for future meals so it is all good!

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