Monday, September 20, 2010

Dinner in the Car

There are delicious gourmet meals...and there are meals that are quick to put on the table....and there are meals that never make it to the table because life necessitates DINNER IN THE CAR!

The other night we were having one of those evenings.. Although we are used to getting home from swim practice at 7:30 or so and having dinner, this night was going to be even later. We left the house at 7:30 that morning and weren't coming home until 8:45 or so after "Meet the Teacher night". Eleanor was volunteering at school for that event, so she had to be there early..after swim practice....and after cross country practice. There was no way we could even stop home for 10 minutes. I knew that she would be hungry...what to make?

Fortunately, I thought ahead to this, so I was able to make some small rolls from the artisan bread dough. I had a cucumber and cream cheese, so cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches were the main dinner sandwich. I was able to pack a few in a cooler in the morning and keep them in the back of the car with a bit of ice. Thrown together with some fruit it held her over until after the activities were done (and homework could begin).

Nights like these make a normal night seem easy. And, no, I didn't get pictures...just the idea.

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