Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grilled pizza....another version

Grilled pizza ideas abound in this book. I checked this book out from the local library and found so many good ideas that I have checked it out a few times as well as written some of the ideas on recipe cards. I do have another grilled pizza recipe that I have used more frequently but am enjoying getting new ideas.

Last Saturday was International Bacon Day and coincidentally we were having bacon on our pizza. I guess I could pretend that it wasn't a coincidence....but it really was. I used the pizza dough recipe in the book instead of my usual grilled pizza dough recipe. The adventure, I guess.

There was a B-BLT(bacon, bleu cheese, lettuce and tomato) pizza recipe in the book. I did not follow the recipe exactly but used it as an inspiration. The recipe recommended grilling the lettuce, but I didn't do that because it just didn't sound that good to me. Instead I used the lettuce for a side salad. We did an individual pizza for each person because it's easier to handle smaller pizzas on the grill. Also, then everyone gets their own pizza just the way they like it! I didn't make the tomato sauce called for in the recipe but rather put out the toppings for everyone to create their own pizza.

I was excited to eat this all day...fresh tomatoes and fresh lettuce were both in the CSA box this week. I usually buy the 3-pack of bacon from the warehouse club and freeze 2 packs. The other package we seem to go through a couple slices at a time with various pasta and pizza recipes. The three packages usually last a few months and we have found it's a great addition to so many recipes.

Grilling the crusts can be a bit tricky. My husband is the pizza griller and says his secret is a hot fire, quick rotation of the crusts, and watch closely. Then the crusts come in the house and toppings are put on the already grilled side of the dough. The crusts are heated quickly to warm the ingredients...then served.

Having the juicy tomatoes on the crust made me realize that the crust should be brushed with olive oil before putting the tomatoes on it. Other than that, this is a pretty simple and tasty dinner.

I would make this again....and I won't wait for International Bacon Day to make it next!

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