Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Soups...

The blog is back! After a bit of a lull, Karen and I are back to our regular routine so the blog will resume it's normal activity.

This week, Milwaukee got hit with it's first taste of fall whether.  We had high temperatures in the mid-sixties(before labor day!) so I decided to make soup. During the school year, one night a week is dedicated to soup in our house and this year it will be Tuesdays. My daughter has High School swim meets on Tuesdays this fall and once she goes back to club swimming, Tuesday is a late practice.
Picture from Frontier Soups

While most of my soups are home made, I do keep a stash of soup mixes from Frontier Soups. I decided to make two versions, since I had the time, and freeze them. The first one was their Sausage Lentil soup which is a heartier soup that takes a couple hours to make, and the second was their Vegetable Soup, which I turned into Turkey Vegetable by adding some chopped turkey meat I had in the freezer. The only change I made to the standard recipes was that I only had 4 cups of beef broth and the Lentil soup called for all beef broth.  I substituted chicken broth and it turned out great.

Picture from Frontier Soups

Some of you may wonder why I am blogging about packaged soups.  Well, it is all about being prepared! I now have 6 meals of soup in the freezer, and 6 weeks where I will not have to cook at least once a week! I have included links to the soups I made below..enjoy!

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