Friday, April 13, 2012

The Week Ahead....or How to Get Some Fruits and Veggies in Your Diet

Being away from home usually means a decrease in consumption of fruits and vegetables, for me anyway.  It's been a week of healthy-lite while being away from my very own kitchen.  Don't get me wrong, we had great food where we were...just a bit more restaurant fare than usual including a little diner in rural North Dakota.
 I suspect we're all feeling that way since Eleanor really loaded up on the broccoli at the grocery store today and roasted a big batch for herself when she got home.  The veggie deprivement does help a bit with the meal planning for the week for all of us.  Large batches of fruits and veggies, especially challenging at this time of year are making a big appearance on the menu here in the next few days.

Here's what I have for the remaining weekend and the start of next week.
I'm making some homemade yogurt while typing this ( a serious multi-tasker, I am).  I had been feeling a bit confident, and my last batch of yogurt humbled me a bit.  I had quite a few batches turn out before hitting the one that didn't, so this is my first attempt since failure.  I was very careful this time:)
I made a batch of granola today as well as recovery bars.  I made sushi for dinner (more on that later). 
The plan is:
(in no particular order.  Well, it's probably in order from the ingredients most likely to spoil to the ingredients less likely to spoil)
  • Sweet Potato Bacon Pasta
  • Arugula Pizza
Both of the above are previous posts. 
  • stir fry
  • Buffalo chicken soup in the crockpot
  • Athenian orzo
  • tamale pie
Sushi....yum.  Even for the " raw fish scared" I would recommend making your own.  I just made vegetable raw fish here.  Although I did use some of the fake-crab on this round.  I posted in the past with how we did this...basically that's what I did this time too.  We were fortunate to actually find United Noodles in Minneapolis to get some of the things for sushi!  Hmm...back to my rave about ethnic grocery stores.  We found a fun Indian and Asian market in Fargo last week.  Yep, North Dakota has an ethnic grocery store that is not German or Norwegian.  That one even sells Coach purses!  Paul had gotten some information on United Noodles, so we stopped there on our return to Milwaukee trip.   Even though it is not very far from our old neighborhood, it's a bit tricky to find since it's tucked away in the middle of a block.  It was amazing!  We got a few things, so I can post about a number of them later.  Nori for the sushi...the mock crab (says for sushi on the label) which really was the perfect circumference and length for sushi, and rice vinegar.  The other items I got at our Sendik's store...carrots, red bell pepper, and cucumber.  I had sushi rice in the pantry from our last experiment being sushi chefs. 

My cart at Sendik's this afternoon was loaded with produce...which is a bit tough to do this time of year.  Strawberries, mangoes (the very sweet kind for sticky rice), a personal watermelon, grapefruit, lemons, limes, sweet potatoes, arugula, carrots, broccoli, celery, potatoes.  bell peppers, and an avocado.  Whew, I think I'll be ready for this week. 

It's back to the usual work schedule and swimming schedule, so I will need some quick things to pull together also.  And some leftovers for lunches.  We'll start with what I planned above and see how far that gets us this week.

Not too long too long until I can enjoy my sushi tonight.

Watch for some posts about all the new things I'm trying this week!

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