Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Apricot Chicken

It seemed like this could be a bit too sweet for my taste....apricot preserves in the crockpot could go wrong.  The all fruit version was used...and the rest of the ingredients added with chicken breasts used for the chicken.  The result:  Dry.  Really dry.  Have I mentioned that it was dry? But it wasn't too sweet, so the chicken could be used in other recipes.

I have to say, my version looked nothing like the picture linked above from the recipe.  The oven baked sweet potato fries ended up being the star of the meal, so the meal did have some redeeming value.  Perhaps my chicken cooked too long...a full day of work and a long bicycle ride later.  

I'm giving it a double thumbs' down.  I had changed the recipe from the original, so the bad portions of this could be all mine.  What is it?  The author takes all responsibility for this:)

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