Monday, April 23, 2012

Meal Planning...for real

Get ready...for the next week.  That's the thing...if there's a week when the meals aren't the best...or the plan isn't the best....there's an opportunity to improve.  Last week I was a rockstar with the meals and am hoping for a repeat; however, one never knows:)

We had an old favorite the other night, macaroni and cheese.  Another favorite will make an appearance as well, fish tacos.  Paul has been requesting a birthday dinner with grilled meat being the main feature, so that is a start on a meal.  He always looks a bit befuddled when I suggest other things to go with the grilled hunk of meat since that is a meal in itself to him.  I will try skinnytaste's coleslaw and preventionrd's chicken on a bed of arugula as well as  her Asian crockpot chicken recipe.

It seems like my recipes haven't been very original lately; however, that is helpful for me to get through this spring season when there isn't much delicious produce.  I'm excited for the upcoming season with mounds of fresh produce waiting for some creativity on my part.  I think it's coming soon.  I picked through the fruit at the grocery store and got a bit for the week as well as a few vegetables.  Sushi Saturday may become a routine since we have made some for lunch the past few weeks.  It's healthy and not too difficult (we keep it simple). 

So...we will see how it goes....
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