Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Arugula

Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Arugula
This woman does it again.  Found this while browsing her blog when I didn't even need a recipe for the week.  Yikes, I found this and rearranged my menu just to eat this sooner rather than later.  I have to admit, at this house we are the hugest arugula fans.  In fact, a perfect garden for me needs to have basil, tomatoes, and arugula.  That's it.  I can get along without anything else in our tiny garden, but I must have these 3 items!  Arugula is just that good.  It's expensive right now, so that is helping prod me to pick up some seeds and get it growing in our tiny plot. 

My parents requested some items from Glorioso's Italian Market, so I was able to include the prosciutto for this recipe in one errand.  Hooray...I sure am a fan of multi-tasking.

I made it fairly close to the recipe linked from above.  I omitted the frying step and cooked the breasts on a grate over a pan.  I think that next time I will do a quick brown in oil in a skillet...just to make it look a bit more appetizing.  That's probably worth a few extra calories; however, we LOVED this.  All three of us loved this, so I will be making it again.

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