Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fig and Bleu Cheese Pizza

What a great combination of flavors!
I made thin crust dough (double recipe) because I have learned my lesson on the three of us and quantity. See blog post from 9/23/10 for that recipe.

I carmelized some red onions (2..because that is what I had). That is, I sliced them and cooked them in olive oil very slowly over low heat for an hour or so stirring occasionally. It really went like this...stir onions, put in a load of laundry, stir onions, pay bills, stir onions, clean bathrooms, etc. Then, I put some salt and pepper on them and stirred. When I thought that they were just about done I put a tablespoon or so of water in the pan and deglazed it. I turned off the heat and held them until I was ready to assemble the pizza after sprinkling it with some balsamic vinegar. They can be made a few days in advance, if that works better schedule-wise.

For the pizza:
carmelized onions
bleu cheese
fresh figs, quartered

I baked it until the cheese was starting to melt. Then, I topped it with the figs and onions and baked it a couple minutes more, until it was warmed through. Sprinkled it with balsamic vinegar (the good 18 year old stuff) and served it.

Yum...simple and delicious.
Next time, maybe bacon? maybe some arugula?

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