Friday, December 24, 2010

Dirty Snowballs

See the link above for the recipe for these. I hadn't heard of these until Eleanor's friend invited her over to make these last year. The friend's mom, Amy, sure had this figured it out. The girls had a blast doing this together and got a lot done. That's just the kind of mom Amy is...organized and efficient!

We made them this year but had to make them exactly the way they did at MJ's house. That is, 4 cookies at a time in the small food processor to make the crumbs and mixing the crumbs with the cream cheese with your hands.

The great thing (or bad thing) about these is that they are bite size. So good and they can just be popped into your mouth.

Oh...and Amy has some other good recipes we'll have to post later.

And, the new best thing about Amy is that she brought a diet coke to me for a Christmas present on the day I was craving one (today) and the swim soda machines were empty. I told you, she's awesome!

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