Monday, December 20, 2010

Checkerboard Pizza

We're fans of roasted red peppers and olives, so we love this pizza.
The recipe is from the book, Pizza by James McNair. I know that I have talked about this book before, especially because it's the dough recipe I often use. The credit for this pizza goes to him; however, I greatly reduced the cheese quantities mentioned in the original.

This time I used some fresh sliced mozzarella cheese on top of the crust before topping the pizza in the cool checkerboard pattern. The toppings were roasted red peppers (from a jar this time) and black olives, both roughly chopped. I put some minced garlic on it and a small amount of shredded Parmesan over the other toppings(that is the picture below). The mozzarella was easy to slice because my parents gave us the very cool cheese knife last year for Christmas. I don't really understand how this knife can work so well to cut hard cheese or soft cheese, but it does work really well.

I put the crust in a round pan before I thought about it. I like how it looks a bit better if the pizza is a rectangle, but after the crust was in the pan I decided to go with colored wedges instead.

This would be a very fun thing to serve at a poker party:)
Not that I have poker parties, but I just think it would be a good idea. Maybe if my friend, Carol, who went to the World Series of Poker on a sweepstakes entry has another poker party I'll take this.

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