Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Frozen Fruit Pops

We aren't Popsicle fans in this house...too sweet...too sticky....ugh.  Eleanor never was a popsicle( I know that it isn't the correct word since Popsicle is a specific brand...but c'mon, that's how we know these) kid probably watching me watching other kids eat them turned her off a bit.  But, we do like a sweet and cooling dessert, so we make our own frozen confections.  We decided to be a bit more adventurous this year after just putting juice in the molds...and infrequently at that.

One of the recipes we found was on www.skinnytaste.com.  I do love this site for some good recipes/ideas; however, it is a bit more weight watcher-y than I am.  I'm not a huge fan of low fat products and sugar substitute.instead I prefer to use a bit less of the real thing.  I just prefer food in its purer form, I guess.  That being said, I love skinnytaste's blog...great ideas.  The fruit puree is a good idea for making frozen treats and the addition of the simple syrup to the fruit gave it just the right note of sweetness.  I did not use any additional sugar.  

We decided to copy the flavors listed in in Gina's website.  She's the skinnytaste author and an incredible photographer.

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