Friday, July 20, 2012

Spanish Chickpeas and Chorizo

Spanish Chickpeas and Chorizo
Appetizer?  Main Dish?  Yep, something like that.  The thought of a lazy slow dinner or appetizer of this...with a glass of wine...sitting on the patio for hours and hours is appealing.  And, maybe in some other life I can do that.  However, this is a main dish at this house in the present time.  It comes together quickly after a late swim practice following a day of work, which is just what we need at this point in life.

I bought the chorizo at TheFreshMarket, so it was not budget friendly; however, I only had a tiny window of grocery shopping at there were some other items on sale there that I wanted to purchase.  Yikes.....their sausages are $1.99 each!  I stick by my best plan for shopping there....go somewhere else before...or there to grab the basics and save it for a few specialty items.  I'm glad it's nearby (and I'm glad I only needed 2 links), but I just have to be reminded of it every so often.

Paul and I had a fun Saturday morning there after dropping Eleanor off at weight training and swim practice.  We had enough time to go to the dog park, TheFreshMarket, a local farmer's market, a walk for coffee, and a tiny bit of cleaning.  A glimpse of the future when she becomes a driver, I guess.  Maybe I will have a leisurely dinner on the patio after all!

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