Monday, July 30, 2012

Danish Dough Whisk

Danish Dough Whisk
Artisan Bread Folks rave about this tool!

Eleanor said she wasn't able to find this for me when she was looking before Christmas; however, as often happens, she found it when she wasn't looking for it.  It was a fun surprise for me to receive a gift in the middle of July from her!  She found it at a store, The Garden Room, within a tearoom where she had lunch the other week.

A friend of ours took Eleanor to this tearoom a couple years ago for a fun grown up friend/young woman outing.  And then this week some of Eleanor's school friends were riding their bikes to have lunch at the Anaba Tea Room.  Two of the girls had gone before and gotten the "tea for two" special...and now the circle expanded to four girls.  They are reporting that the servings were quite generous and getting the special for two and splitting it four ways is the way to go.  So, while I don't have personal experience at this place, it sounds delightful.  And I'm happy when places are kind to teenagers....and it sounds like they were.

So, sometimes things are found in the most unusual places.  The Danish dough whisk in the tearoom store.  It works great for mixing the artisan dough!

So, no recipe for today....just a kitchen tool recommendation.

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