Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Muesli!  If you want to read about some strong food opinions, just do a quick internet search of this.  There are some strong opinions about the liquid that should be used as well as the time the oats need to mix with the liquid.  Yikes....seems to me like there's room for a number of different versions.

In the past we have combined the liquid (milk) with the rolled oats and left it in the refrigerator overnight.  Now, some people may not like that I use milk...and probably even worse....gasp...soy milk!  This summer I have been combining the rolled oats and soy milk when I get up in the morning...around 5am; then Eleanor tops it with fruit when she gets up...around 6am.  That's working well for this summer.  We're taking a tiny break from hot breakfasts due to the heat and the early morning swim practice times.  I make museli with equal parts liquid and oats...for the serving above it is one cup each and then a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Along with the fruit topping a tiny bit of sweet is good to me...either honey, maple syrup, or agave.

No excuse not to have a good breakfast with something this easy and tasty!
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