Friday, July 6, 2012

Steel Cut Oats

Looking through some past blogs and being a bit surprised that I haven't blogged about steel cut oats before.  This has been our standard before and after morning swim practice breakfast for years and years.    I guess it has not made a blog appearance since it is something I make right before we leave the house...and morning swim practice starts at 5:30, so it's likely that I'm not thinking about getting out the camera at that time.  More like I'm thinking about packing lunches and work clothes and spin shoes and school backpack and violin and and and!

Steel cut oats...I first heard about them years ago when reading that Frank Lloyd Wright ate them every morning.  Since he lived into his 90s they must be good for a body, right!?!  I'm not thinking we want to emulate all his traits; however, his creativity and longevity would be a couple that would be good to have.

The issue with this breakfast is the time.  These oats take a long time cook although there are a couple methods to decrease that.  Also, they do freeze well, so if I ever get even more organized, I just may have a few tiny containers of this in my freezer to be ready for the week.  There's the presoak overnight method and the crockpot method.  I tend to cook them in the morning since I am typically up about an hour before we leave anyway to get ready for the day.

McCann's is the big name and those oats come in a fancy tin.  Trader Joe's is the place I usually buy mine....much less expensive (no souvenir tin) and it's a TJ's product without a nut warning on the label....hooray!  I cook them with water and then put the oatmeal accoutrements on top.
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