Sunday, July 29, 2012

Italian Lemon Cookie Drops

Italian Cookie Drops
Eleanor and I were craving some lemon-y dessert the other day but couldn't make lemon squares due to the number of eggs in our refrigerator (that's another involving someone taking OUR CSA eggs).  And besides, it's almost time to head to violin camp where the lemon squares are assigned to someone else:)

We found this recipe which fulfilled our summer lemon craving.

I"m not a huge fan of making cookies since I get a bit tired of making them before the process is done.  I'm enthusiastic about mixing the dough and putting in the first batch....and then I get pretty tired of the whole thing.  More pans is a helpful process...but that's more pans to wash...and I'm tired of cookies at that point.  For those reasons, that's why these were the best.  They made one large baking pan of cookies and were done.

My version has some lemon and lime zest sprinkled on the top; but otherwise mine were close to the original.  I decreased the butter by 2 TBSP or so....only because that's all I had. butter....guess who will be headed to the store today?

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