Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lattice Crusted Rhubarb Strawberry Pie

I used Elizabeth's recipe from her blog post last May but decided to try the lattice crust.  I remember asking my mom to make a lattice crust when I was a kid, but she never did; I suspect that seemed a bit too fussy for her to weave a crust with young children running around. I have always skipped that part also...just seemed a bit of work to me; however, I did want to try it.  At least once.  Here it is:

I love how it looks...and it didn't take too long.  There is the "cheat" method where the strips aren't woven.  Heck, if I'm making lattice crust I'm going whole hog!  It was well worth the effort when Paul and Eleanor admired it!

If you have read my posts in the past, I have often talked about rhubarb.  I do have memories of pulling out a stalk and munching it down when I was a kid.  Kinda strange?  We also ate chives from the garden. Hide and seek was an especially fun game since snacks could be found right next to the hiding spot if you were strategic about it. Anyway, my coworker offered some of her rhubarb, and I took enough to make Elizabeth's pie.  One pie of it will be enough for us, I suspect.

Wednesdays off are a nice time for me to get a mid week breather.  I imagine I will go back to work full-time at some point, but I hope I remember how nice it is to have a Wednesday off and take one off periodically.  It's such a treat to catch up on some things mid-week.  And there is the bonus of working 2 days, being off, and working 2 days.   My friend Linda taught me to not always think of days off as part of a weekend but instead think of them as an entirely separate issue.  A good idea!  So, this is what I made on a late spring/early summer Wednesday. 

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