Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soft Pretzels

Homemade Soft Pretzels
I saw this recipe in our newspaper.  I have made soft pretzels before but it has taken quite a bit of work...boiling and then baking....and then there is that long rise time.  This takes care of those lengthier steps and streamlines the process.  I still have the outline of long ago pretzels on a baking sheet due to some freaky chemical reaction between the pan and the baking soda.  This recipe avoids that!

Anyway, I'm off work today and thought I would make these for Eleanor.  I like to make something a bit fun when I'm off and these fit into my busy Thursday.  I'm just going to brag for a minute about how much I got done already!  I have done 4 loads of laundry and cleaned 3 bathrooms.  I went to Body Combat (one of my new fitness addictions...just LOVE it)...which means I have now showered.  I made Tacos Al Pastor and have them marinating for dinner tonight.  I made a donation to the bulkhead fund at the WFB pool and paid my friend Judy for a raffle item for a club meet.  AND I'm making these pretzels!  I feel amazing:)

I still get to meet my friend Dee for coffee and do yoga tonight as well as eat those yummy tacos that are marinating.  I'm hoping to get to the library this afternoon also.  Did I mention that I'm making from scratch pretzels as well?

With the quick (30 minute) rise time on these pretzels they are really easy to fit into a day off....if it's a Thursday or a Saturday.  I can't tell you how they taste since I am resisting eating them and saving the carbs for the carboholic kid in this house..but they smell great!

I made 4 salty pretzels and 4 sweet using my Penzey's cinnamon and sugar that was free.  I don't think I'm going to use the melted butter but will let Eleanor decide if she wants to do that when she gets home.  I have a feeling these will be made a lot in this house!

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  1. Now that I have yeast that is newer than my marriage I should try this. Or I could be lazy pull out my bread maker.

  2. Enjoy this adventure with yeast. C' haven't been married THAT long yet! I think the girls would have fun with this recipe!