Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chicken Tinga Tacos

 Chicken Tinga Tacos
 This recipe is pulled from one of my favorite food blogs which was discovered by Elizabeth.  The link from the recipe will take you to the BittenWord blog.  
I guess after these WEEKS of eating yummy appetizers and dips I was really ready for some hearty food, and this looked good so I put it on the plan for this week.  I adapted it a bit for the crockpot.
  •  used chicken breasts, about 2 pounds since the family pack was on sale at Sendik's this week.
  •  did not add the chicken broth since things get a bit soupy in the slowcooker.  The comments following the recipe blog state that too.  
  •  used feta cheese since I didn't get a chance to make two stops and get to the Mexican market as well as my neighborhood store.  
  • increased the chipotles
Many people have mentioned that they brown the meat before putting it in the slowcooker; however, I'm usually an efficient person and usually throw everything in together.  I did do the browning step for the onions and chicken this time.  I think I'll go back to throwing everything in together since I don't notice the difference. 

It was a good and quick and hearty meal.  I will make this again!

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