Friday, January 6, 2012

Wonton Soup

 Allrecipe Wonton Soup
I'm just a bit tired of's been a food fest the past few days for our family with a work party and a New Year's Eve party.  Lots of cheesy dips and appetizers.  They were great, but I'm ready to be done and return to our more usual eating habits.

On the exercise side, it was a week filled with activity centered around Eleanor's crazy swim schedule.  I got to do Hatha yoga and sweaty yoga, Chisel and body pump, along with regular cardio fun...cycling and walking and Body Combat.  But there still was a lot of creamy dips and chips.

I like wonton soup and remember my parents making it when I was growing up, but I don't think I had ever made it...until now.  I found this recipe when I was browsing for recipes (the word "browse" is one of our favorite words at work, so I thought I would use it in the blog) and it fit my light and healthy January recipe requirement.

I accidentally froze the ground pork after coming home from the grocery store, but i had 2 cans of mock duck in the pantry that I substituted.  I really am on a mission to go through the freezer and the pantry, so it worked out well to serve this.

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