Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is on the Menu?

Just sitting and watching the snow fall and planning the menu for the week.  I am finding that I need some new things to make, so it should be a week full of new ideas (and blog posts)!  I checked Mark Bitmann's book out of the library on Thursday last week..The Food Matters Cookbook.  

This is the plan....a combo of vegetarian and more meaty recipes.  I do have two that include sausage and one with bacon.  It's a bit more on the processed meat side than I usually go, but all three recipes together add up to about a pound of meat.  And it is winter in Wisconsin.  I do have one chicken entree and two vegetarian entrees to balance things out a bit.

So this week we will be having:
Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Pasta with Sweet Potatoes and Bacon
Garlic and Lime Chicken
Noodles with Spicy Vegetables
Broccoli, Bean, and Sausage Pizza ( I may omit the sausage on this one for this round)
Beer Glazed Black Beans and Chorizo

We have a large swim meet coming up next weekend.  It's really large...I do want to have enough food in the house so I don't need to run to the store or think about meals next weekend.  That's why I'm planning more full meals than I usually do for the week.  I don't want to run out since next weekend is packed.

I'm off work tomorrow, so I think I can even avoid Sendik's on the weekend..yay!  I have my food assignment for the coach's room, so I can get the items for that tomorrow as well. 

Tonight we're having the pork tenderloin florentine I bought at Trader Joe's a couple weeks ago along with potatoes and broccoli.  We're scraping the bottom of the larder here today:)

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