Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Yum!  For years I have paged through the Moosewood Cookbook. for specific recipes and ideas.  I have three different Moosewood cookbooks but hadn't looked at this one lately. 

My friend, Deb, has been talking about mushroom soup the last couple times I have seen her.  She plays poker with a group of men...and one of them got a mushroom growing kit for Christmas, and he served mushroom soup at a recent poker game.  I knew the recipe was from Moosewood, but I forgot to ask which cookbook and which mushroom soup recipe.  I found this one...and it's good.  I will check with her to see if there is another recipe I should try.  But, I am happy to stay with this one.  Very very happy to stay with this recipe since it was delicious!

I used water instead of stock.  And, I did not have parsley to sprinkle on the top.  

I posted the link to a very similar recipe.  The only difference I could find that my recipe didn't call for soy sauce.  I can't vouch for this recipe with the soy sauce, but I highly recommend it without.  I bought a baguette and Parmesan cheese thinking I would need both to get buy in on this recipe.  Although both these ingredients added to the meal, I think all would have been fine without it as well.

I noticed when I was at Sendiks today that they are selling the mushroom growing kits.  So maybe that's hip and trendy in the food world.  I just used the baby bella mushrooms that were on sale.  I like the idea of growing mushrooms in my basement but think the yield would be too high.  I think I really want a friend to start growing mushrooms and giving me the extras!

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