Monday, May 2, 2011

Tacos Al Pastor

There's a fun restaurant that isn't too far from the pool. It intrigued me because the restaurant at this location used to be called Alpine Village with some Austrian looking buildings that are now transformed into a Mexican looking building. It's called Jalapeno Loco and the link can be followed for a review of it. There's a huge fireplace and the styles really do work well, for the most part. The plate embedded in the wall with German writing looks a bit odd...but overall the transformation looks good to me.

We have been there a couple times; however, the most recent trip resulted in a frantic recipe search for me since what I ordered was that good. Paul had ordered it on a previous visit and the bite I had was good.

I found the link above to Tacos Al Pastor, so I could make these at home. I didn't grill the pork since it wasn't a good day to grill here in Wisconsin. I just cooked the pork slices on the stoptop and then (when cool) diced the meat. I reheated the meat quickly when we were ready for dinner since I had cooked it earlier in the day. I didn't cook the pineapple with it but instead served the pineapple with the other condiments (see picture below). I just wasn't sure how sweet the meal would get with the pineapple in it. I used regular chili powder since that's what I had.

All three of us thought these were good. The only thing I would change for next time would be to make a bit more (1 pork loin was enough for dinner for 3 and a small lunch the next day) and to heat the marinade in the pan and serve the extra marinade with the tacos instead of juxt discarding it.

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