Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I often have thoughts of having a party for Cinco de Mayo. I'm thinking warm spring breezes and bright sun, margaritas, fajitas, and outdoors. That's not the reality in Milwaukee. The truth is that spring comes late due to the large body of water to our east. For years I had been optimistic that the the weather would be warm in May but have adjusted my expectations in the last couple years so I am not disappointed.

Garrison Keillor talked a number of years ago about how March is a month for those who don't drink to know what a hangover feels like. I think he's right on with the month of March but would also add April to that mix due to Lake Michigan. Sometimes we have a teaser day or two but usually it is consistently cold and damp until mid-May. That leaves out the Cinco de Mayo party of my sounds more like Albuquerque than Milwaukee anyway.

My new part of managing my weather expectations is to think that the weather won't get warm until May 15th.

I'm still thinking what I would have for my dream party with the sun setting over the petroglyphs and the sun reflecting off the Sandia Mountains. Margaritas would be on the menu, for sure. And my favorite margarita recipe is from Rick Bayless.

In the meantime I will keep my weather expectations low and have chicken salsa pasta (see post from 2/7/11) and remind myself that this isn't a widely celebrated Mexican holiday anyway.

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