Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lobster on the Grill

I walked right past the sign at our Sendiks announcing the upcoming LobsterFest special...special price on lobster over the Memorial Day weekend. Paul, on the other hand, texted me at work asking if we should get some. It seems that was the discussion at his workplace on a day leading up to the "event". He went ahead and ordered 5 and figured out how to grill them. Typically on a holiday weekend he likes to smoke a big hunk of meat but opted to go for a seafood grill instead on this round.

It was a bit hard to plan since my sister, her husband, and baby were going to be here as well as my parents. So, we decided that grilling the lobster and making lobster rolls would be the answer. That way, if Lisa and Greg decided to go somewhere with friends, we wouldn't have an overload of food. Yet we didn't want to run out either.

For the filling I used my friend Kathy (tomato mozzarella pasta, arugula pizza)'s recipe. She makes shrimp salad with this recipe. I think the shrimp salad recipe is a lobster roll knock-off, so we're coming back to the original....maybe? She makes this shrimp salad every year at violin camp since it is always hot in central Wisconsin that week. It has become a tradition for us to make it that week as well...but this was good timing too.

We were keeping this meal simple, so I served the rolls with arugula salad (baby arugula with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper). My parents brought strawberry rhubarb pie..yum.

Maybe summer really is going to come to Wisconsin this year?!

Parboil lobster 3-4 minutes. Butterfly and grill about 15 minutes brushing with melted butter, garlic and chopped tarragon.

Chop the lobster meat and add:
fresh squeezed lemon juice
chopped tarragon
diced celery
It took quite awhile and a few hands to get the lobster meat out of the shells, but it was OK today since we were just sitting around chatting. Now, if we could just have some warmer and sunnier weather.......
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