Friday, May 13, 2011

Panini Maker

I got a panini press for Mother's Day this year. It's what Paul and Eleanor were calling a win-win situation. They even went to the store and got some ingredients so we could try it out right away.

I have been debating getting one of these for awhile. I think that we'll use it yet it does take up a bit of space, so I'm not sure it will be worth it. The two of them read reviews online that it was a good idea to go with one a bit bigger or everyone will be eating alone (kind of like pancakes). After the first round I can see that is true, so maybe it will be worth the space. I do have a walk-in pantry and will probably be able to rearrange a bit to keep it in there.

So far, I'm sold on it after a short time. We have a commercial range, which does pack a bit of power, so this should help Eleanor to be able to help herself to hot lunches over the summer. She far prefers hot food for meals but our stove can make that a bit more challenging than it is in other houses. I'm also thinking that the panini bar may be a good idea for one day a week for dinners, especially when the summer vegetables start coming to harvest.

I'll be blogging about some winning combinations of sandwiches. Day one was a panini bar at our house. The sandwich pictured had:
roasted red peppers
bleu cheese
sun dried tomatoes

After school today Eleanor is planning on making herself a peanut butter and banana panini with a drizzle of honey. I'm thinking bleu cheese and dates may be in the near future, if we're thinking sweet treats. I have an avocado, so that may be part of a sandwich today.

As time goes by we'll see if I think this is worth the sure seems like it is when it's new.
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