Monday, May 9, 2011

Burgers and Potatoes

Burgers and grilled potatoes are what we get for dinner when Paul's in charge. When I was visiting my sister last October he made these grilled potatoes; Eleanor raved about them and it has turned into a must-have part of the dinner when Paul is in charge. He isn't divulging his exact recipe to me, but I think it's thinly sliced potatoes, butter, lemon juice, Greek seasoning from Penzeys, garlic, onions and feta. All this is put in aluminum foil or an aluminum pan and grilled. They are delicious...and he made enough for a Greek breakfast skillet on Sunday morning.

Paul was the PIC (parent in charge....a violin camp term) last Friday doing most of my usual duties while I labored on a work project then headed to the Y for extra summer shape up points. He did a great job loading the grill into the car and grilling at a middle school event. He even drove the violin carpool and planned dinner and did the shopping. After grilling burgers for the kids he just had to get burgers for our dinner, so he got some of the pre-made burgers at our Sendiks store. There are so many yummy looking choices with add-ins like artichokes, bacon, bleu cheese, etc so he got us each a burger and served dinner with his special potatoes.

The fun thing about being the PIC is that you get to do it your way. I probably would have had a vegetable or salad....but it was meat and potatoes that night....and that's OK. It was nice to have dinner on the way to being done when I got home.

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