Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Lentils and Rice

I try to serve meatless meals one or two times a week.  I think they are good for the waistline and usually tend to be lower in fat and sometimes even higher in protein.  While shopping at our new Metro Market, I saw red lentils in the bulk food aisle.  I bought a bag, unsure of what I would do with them.  I found a recipe for Red Lentil-Basmati Rice on a blog called Food O' Del Mundo.  The picture shows a beautiful bowl of rice with distinct red lentil flecks.  I would have to say my version turned out to be more of orange colored rice, but the taste was delicious.  We all felt it tasted as if there was cheese in it, it had a silky rich flavor.  This was quick and easy. I used regular long grain rice in place of the basmati.

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