Friday, December 30, 2011

Pueblo Pepper Jack Chowder

(image from jsonline)
Pueblo Pepper Jack Chowder
I found this one while scanning through the Milwaukee Journal recipes and marked it for a future trial. was OK.  Anything with Pueblo in the title gets my attention; however, this was medicore.  I like the Flying Star Corn Chowder a bit better, so I guess if I'm going to make something along the creamy and spicy corn soup lines, I would choose that one instead.

I used skim milk instead of half and half and just used regular baking potatoes.  I don't think either of those was the deal breaker in this recipe.  Eleanor isn't going to eat it since it has Pepper Jack in it, so I'll be eating this for a bit.

So...probably not card worthy, but it isn't as bad as some of my soup trials (like the blechy pumpkin and sweet potato and peanut butter adventure). The picture above from jsonline looks better than i thought the soup tasted.

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