Saturday, December 10, 2011

Minced Pork/Turkey and Shrimp in Coconut Milk

We do like the Thai inspired flavors in a dinner. This is a quick one and gets three endorsements from our house. The original recipe calls for ground pork, but I used ground turkey and it was good.

1 can coconut milk
2 chiles, minced
1 T minced ginger
1 T minced garlic
Put above ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
Stir in:
1/2 lb ground turkey/pork
About a minute later add:
1/2 lb shrimp, peeled and finely chopped
Cook for 3 minutes or so and stir in:
1 T fish sauce
Serve with chopped scallions, cilantro, and limes over rice.
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