Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

So, have you discovered Stumbleupon.com yet? If not, you need to go and start stumbling.  Basically this website allows you to pick interest areas and then you click on the "stumble" button and the computer randomly takes you to websites that might interest you.  Totally addicting, but I have found some fun recipes and some fun crafts.

I received another pie pumpkin in the CSA box last week so I decided to try this recipe that I found while stumbling!  I cooked the pumpkin and then created this cookie dough. They were such a hit, that a second batch was made this week and I remembered to take a picture! Last week I made the cookies with pumpkin, this week I used squash...one more interchangeable use! Hopefully my loyal blog followers aren't getting overloaded on squash recipes...I know that I am starting to think we are going to all have an orange tint to our skin soon :)

This makes a lot of cookies, so I made about 2 dozen frozen dough balls for a later baking...I also added about 1/8 cup of flax seed meal to the recipe(ground flax seed) and the flavor wasn't altered at all.  Enjoy!

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