Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cranberry Lime Shrub Sparkler

 Cranberry Lime Shrub Sparkler
You have to admit that this sounds a bit intriguing!  I saw this on one of my favorite blogs which was Elizabeth's blog discovery, thebittenword .  These guys take cooking magazine recipes, try them out, and write their opinion of the recipe.  It's fun to see what they're making.

My plan was to make this drink for Thanksgiving.  That didn't happen..just 'cause a lot of things happened that prevented me from putting this together beforehand.  That's OK though since we have regrouped a bit and are now ready to try it. There were things that were  more important and this got triaged down a bit.

Eleanor was home sick the other day.  It was my usual day off, but I didn't really want to leave to run errands or do my usual workout, so I was looking for some home activities.  This had been a couple day run of the bug for her so the house was already clean (relatively speaking).  I had cookies to make for an upcoming swim meet and for an upcoming orchestra concert...that kept me busy.  But, I also had time to make the shrub.  It isn't that involved, but it's just on a normal day my choice is making dinner or making this frou-frou beverage, so I usually go with the dinner option.  This day, I could do both.

The shrub: Eleanor said it made her tummy hurt.  I kind of liked it even though it was a bit vinegary.  Paul had the vodka version and didn't like it.  Anyway, it was a fun experiment into colonial era beverages.

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