Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheddar Ale Soup

I love how the change of the seasons influences what I make for dinner. When the Williams Sonoma catalog arrived with this recipe on a snowy Saturday I knew that it would be in my future. I just wonder if I lives somewhere like....hmmm....Orange, California...if this would sound so good. We'll have to let my sister weigh in on that one. Maybe it would sound good with all the rain they had in December.

Anyway, here's the Williams Sonoma version of beer cheese soup along with my picture of beer cheese soup aka cheddar ale soup. It does sound upscale being called cheddar ale soup rather than beer cheese soup though, don't you think?

I wiped out the pan pretty thoroughly after I sauteed the bacon and left just a very tiny bit of bacon grease (maybe 1/2 t or so). Gee, why am I worried about a tiny bit of fat when I'm putting in all that cheese?! Also, to saute the vegetables I used just a bit less than 1 T butter. I decreased
cheddar to 1 lb. Sadly, I used Vermont cheddar because that's what the warehouse club has as far as white cheddar, and I really prefer white cheddar over orange. I was local with the beer by using Lakefront's India Pale Ale. I did not make the garlic croutons or serve it with the truffle oil.

I'm not a big beer fan....but I really think this is a recipe that can't go wrong! Beer. Cheese. Bacon.

A Wisconsin type cheesehead meal for the Packers!

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  1. Hopefully this experience will make you a fan of Vermont Cheddar. Thanks for the nice picture of our sharp cheddar.

    Go Pack!