Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brit Noodles

Named in honor of our mutual swim friend!

The description given by her mother made me hungry. I have no idea if I am making this even close to the original, but we're satisfied with this version and have named it in her honor even though her family calls it Chicken Noodles. It's consistency is between soup and stew...and it tastes yummy.

1 lb chicken breast cut in bite size pieces.
Coat chicken with flour, salt, pepper, paprika, and Galena seasoning (Penzey blend)
Brown in large pot with about 1 T. melted butter and remove chicken from pot and set aside.
2-3 onions
2-3 carrots (or more) both carrots and onions are chopped into bite size pieces
Brown these in the pot (may need a bit more butter).
Return chicken to the pot and fill with about 8 cups chicken broth stirring up from the bottom to deglaze the pan.
Let simmer until vegetables are tender adding more water/broth, if needed.

Make a double batch of the noodles. The recipe is for one batch but I was told by Brit's mom to double it, so I do.
1 c flour
1 egg
pinch salt
Mix together by hand and slowly add water until a good consistency (vague..but it really means until able to be rolled out). Roll into sheets and cut to desired width and separate a bit to dry.

I usually get to this part before leaving for swim practice and then bring the soup back to a gentle boil (I turn off the soup when we leave for practice!!!) and add the noodles and cook when we return.

So hearty and so good!

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