Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sushi Night

We love sushi at our house but it's something we don't eat as often as we would like...just because we don't eat out too much. The other night I decided we would make it at home; we have done this before but it has been a couple years. I don't remember it turning out this well, so we'll have to make it more often now that we're getting closer to mastering it!!!

We cut the vegetables into strips and got those ready as the sushi rice was in the rice cooker. When the rice was done Eleanor fanned it while it cooled, and I stirred in some rice vinegar.

Eleanor was the master "rice patter" and kept her hands wet while spreading the rice on the nori. We used strips of cucumber, carrots, avocado, red pepper and smoked salmon. Also, we sprinkled some sesame seeds on the rolls.

Here's our first beautiful roll of the evening. I thought the knife may not be sharp enough to cut through the nori, but it worked without a problem.

I'm sure that there are many secrets to making good sushi, but we found that we really needed to keep it very tight while rolling. Guess that's my sushi secret that isn't so secret.

There was plenty of sushi for three of us even after a morning full of exercise for all. I usually don't think that it will be filling but do always end up having enough. One of our favorite family field trips a couple years ago was to put Eleanor in the car and not tell her where we were going. We drove to a sushi place in Chicago on a Sunday evening for "all you can eat" sushi. My cousin and her husband had recommended it. The sushi was good...and it really was all you can eat...and the rules were very funny. Visions of the soup nazi were floating through our heads as we read the rules at the House of Sushi and Noodles. I can't remember all of them but they are things like, "You must eat all sushi on your plate. Not liking it or an allergy is no excuse not to eat it." Yep, anaphalaxis won't get you out of finishing your sushi!!!!!

Eleanor made this sushi platter for Paul years ago, so this was the perfect occasion to use it.

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