Friday, January 28, 2011

Gorgonzola Spinach Pasta

This is one of those "made up" recipes that we have at our house on occasion. Long ago, it used to be my standard thing to throw together if I didn't get a chance to plan a meal. Being a mom has made planning a bit more of a priority, so I don't need to resort to this recipe too often, but, it still is good...even if I plan it into our menu.

Eleanor could eat carbs every day for every meal, but Paul and I like a bit more variety. If I make this, she can have plain noodles and we're all happy with our own bowl of carbs.

Start boiling water for pasta...because this recipe comes together quickly!

In a saucepan melt some gorgonzola cheese along with a bit of milk (skim is fine) to thin the sauce. These should be in approximately equal measures. If you have thought ahead and defrosted some of the greens from the CSA box (or a frozen box of spinach), that's great! If not, put the greens in a colander and run some hot water over them until they are defrosted. Squeeze the water out and throw the greens into the saucepan. Depending on the consistency, it may be necessary to add a bit more cheese or a bit more milk. When it is all smooth and creamy add a dash or two of nutmeg. I had a mixture of kale and chard that I had steamed and frozen last summer, so that is what I used.

That's it. Really. Unless you want to top it with some sun dried tomatoes or chopped roasted red peppers or a couple grinds of pepper.
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