Monday, January 3, 2011

Bacon and Bleu Cheese Cake

When we pick up children from violin group class on Friday nights, the parents often roll down car windows and talk about books and about recipes. Last fall my friend Kathy was mentioning both. Kathy, just so you know who she is, gave me the recipe for arugula pizza and for mozzarella and tomato pasta as well as good book recommendations over the years. She was talking about the book The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz and mentioned that there is a recipe for a bleu cheese and bacon cake. I went home and reserved the book from the library online right away.

I loved the book, and even more, loved this savory cake. My brother in law's very favorite food is bacon and I think bleu cheese isn't far behind. I wish I could have made this for his recent birthday but it would be better and fresher if my sister makes it for him. I really meant to get the link to her earlier, but I bet it will be appreciated any day of the year.

So, follow the link above to the recipe. Oh, and find the book too.....this isn't the only recipe that looks good in the book.

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  1. I was just scrolling through your recipes, looking for a fish taco sauce one... and when I saw this listed, I thought "GREG WOULD LOVE THIS!" Haha... you thought so, too!! I will have to make it for him. He loves blue cheese too!