Sunday, May 27, 2012

The plan for the week ahead.....

Always a good idea to have a plan as far as meals go.  Since Monday is a holiday we can have something a bit more involved; however, things are wrapping up at school so it's going to be a busy four days.  Paul is getting ready for some international travel, so I don't think Asian food is in order this week.  He'll get plenty of that where he is going!

Here's my menu plan for the week ahead:
Sunday:  grilled pork loin, roasted broccoli, potatoes on the grill
The plan is to roast some poblano peppers for tacos later in the week.  Why, the very next day!
Monday:  rajas poblanos (recipe from Bon Appetit) with plenty of fun taco toppings
Tuesday:  cheesy jalapeno stuffed chicken from skinnytaste
Wed:  Greek chicken pitas from my blog
Thurs:  bacon, date, and goat cheese panini sandwiches a food network website panini idea

I'm holding on more plans for now...with a violin party on Friday for Eleanor, Paul and I may figure out something to have that she doesn't like.  

There are usually changes as the week unfolds, but I'm starting here with my grocery shopping and going from there....  Looks like a good variety of chicken, pork, and meatless for the week along with some Greek and Mexican flavors.  Sandwiches.....kudos to Kelly, the sandwich queen.
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