Saturday, May 12, 2012

Biscoff Truffles or Dirty Snowball-Airline Style

WOW...when I checked out preventionrd and saw this recipe I was nearly jumping up and down because it looked so yummy.  Really, I had no idea that Biscoff could be purchased unless you were the buyer for an airline.  And...biscoff spread....pick me up off the floor it sounded so delicious!

I quickly checked the Biscoff website thinking that the products must somehow be contaminated with treenuts....forbidding it from my household.  Score!  That was not the case.  Now, I just had to figure out if I could purchase this locally and avoid the shipping charge (although it is a flat rate, so it was an option).  Score!  The newly built The Fresh Market stocks the products...and just a few miles from home.  And, I have been wanting to go there but hadn't had an excuse reason to get there yet. 

I'm not a shopper.  I can tolerate grocery shopping but detest any other kind.  Clothes shopping....I would rather wear the same things over and over and my teenage daughter reminds me and I am sure my coworkers notice.  Home improvement shopping there either.  But, grocery shopping...tolerable to enjoyable on the shopping scale.  I do have times where I just have a moment and don't enjoy the shopping...yet other times I enjoy looking around a bit.  I think the problem is that I usually stick to my list.  Since I was going to experience The Fresh Market the morning after my usual grocery shopping (and therefore full larder), I decided I would try to enjoy it. Well, enjoy it in the 30 minutes I had there before my TRX class at the Y. 

The Fresh Market was fun.  I do like looking around a new/different grocery store.  My Sendik's store's locally owned and within my village border.  Sendik's sponsors the fireworks in my village and has high school kids as musicians at various times of the year.  So, I really won't abandon it.  Yet, options are fun.  Trader Joe's...always fun to get some new things.  I enjoy looking around Fresh and Easy in California.  The Outpost is a great stop for a local coop.  Whole Foods...while outside my usual food budget sure has some fun finds. And browsing ethnic grocery stores is a bit of a hobby for me.  I guess I do have a bit of grocerystore-philia (my new word for my unnatural attraction to grocery stores...I challenge my psychiatrist sister to come up with a better term!). 

The Fresh Market has a nice feel to it....upscale....good smelling...and fun.  I was able to find both the Biscoff items I wanted.  It was reassuring to read the labels to be sure that these were not somehow contaminated with the thought of a tree nut...or even with an actual tree nut.  I will stop in here again!  It was the first part of my adventurous day off.  I went to a new grocery store...then went to the Y to try a new class.  And now, a new recipe is in the works.  I'll tell about it after my TRX paragraph.

TRX....hmmm...I'm a regular participant in the body pump class; but, I sure think I'm going to feel this one in the next few days.  I just may be hooked on an new and expensive fitness hobby.  My groupon for hot yoga is running out, so maybe this will be my next new decadent workout craze. We'll see just how high I can lift my arms in the morning.

The recipe.  The recipe.  I really thought that Biscoff was so darn delicious only because the tiny packages on the airplane are just a tease.  Maybe I like it only because I just get two little cookies in my package.  These truffles are showing that's not the case.  I like Biscoff cookies because they are delicious!

When reading preventionrd blog about these...dirty snowballs (oreo truffles) were dancing though my head.  These are very similar...just hadn't thought about expanding my repertoire of crushed cookie desserts.  That may be a good thing....because there isn't enough TRX (or cycling or running or zumba) in the world to work off the calories I could consume with these.  So, I'll just try to contain myself!

I made them just the way they are in the link...except the substitution of bittersweet chocolate for the coating......and the package was minus 1 cookie:)

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