Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bleu Cheese Arugula Pasta

Bleu Cheese Arugula Pasta

Umm....ugh.  This recipe gets a thumbs down.  Way to use up awesome ingredients in a not very tasty combination.  I'm not sure what went wrong; however, this sure wasn't as good as I anticipated.

One of my standard dinners years ago was to melt bleu cheese, add a bit of milk, and toss in defrosted and squeezed dry spinach.  With a touch of nutmeg and served over pasta it was a quick and easy meal.  Yea, that was better than this.  When I found this recipe it seemed like an upgrade of my spinach version.  Not so much.

Perhaps my problem was that I didn't mix my sauce in with the noodles enough.  Eleanor isn't a huge bleu cheese fan, so I was keeping the pots separate...but I'm not going to find out if that was the problem.  I have loftier ambitions for my arugula and blue cheese in the future.

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