Sunday, August 19, 2012

General Tso's Slow Cooker Pork

General Tso's Slow Cooker Pork
Ah....the crockpot.  We came back from violin camp...and I really wanted to grill something...but I knew that wasn't going to work (see below):
state swim meet+violin camp+lifeguarding class=Eleanor tired
Bangkok to home=Paul tired
sleeping in a dorm bed+starting full time work+ driving to camp and home from violin camp (X2)=Karen tired

Yep, the grilling thing wasn't going to happen...and I knew that early in the day, so I put this together in the crockpot in the morning.  Turns out it was a great idea because we all need a grab and be done kind of dinner.  I"m glad that I threw it in and had this for a Saturday night dinner since that gave me one more weekend day to get to enjoy the summer evening and grill. I was hungry while Paul was busy catching up on some home projects and Eleanor was crockpot worked well.  I was a bit worried that it would be too salty, but it was fine.  Better than fine really...nice combination of vinegar, and cilantro and sweetness, and saltiness.

2 cupsChicken Broth
1(9 Oz.) Bottle Hoisin Sauce
⅓ cupWhite Vinegar
1 TReduced-sodium Soy Sauce
¼ cupGranulated Sugar
¼ cupCornstarch
5Garlic Cloves, minced
3 TbspMinced Fresh Ginger
1 tspCrushed Red Pepper Flakes
1½ lbPork Shoulder
⅔ cupWhite Vinegar
⅓ cupOlive Oil
½ cupChopped Fresh Cilantro
1 lb Package cabbage slaw
Soft Tortillas
Whisk together broth, hoisin sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, cornstarch, garlic, ginger, and red pepper in a slow cooker until well combined.
Add pork to slow cooker and spoon some sauce over top.  Cook on low heat setting for 6-8 hours. Remove pork from slow cooker and shred with 2 forks. Place pork in serving dish and coat with desired amount of sauce from slow cooker.
Meanwhile, as pork is cooking, whisk together vinegar, olive oil, and cilantro in large bowl. Stir in slaw. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
To serve, top tortillas with pulled pork and slaw.

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