Monday, August 15, 2011

Horseradish Cheddar Dip and Violin Friends

Hmm...summer party with planning, right?

I have mentioned our posse of violin friends...aka...Carol's peoples. Eleanor plays violin using the Suzuki method, which is more about creating a good human being than about playing an instrument. Although these kids play violin well, really well. Anyway, it's been a great group of people for our children to have as an extended family, especially nice since family doesn't live so close. I don't really think there can be too many caring adults in the lives of children.....real family, violin family, swim family, whatever and whoever.....

We have this nice group of people within the larger Suzuki group. I had wanted to do something with the larger group since I don't like to exclude people, but really, we do have this smaller group within that large group of people who have gone to violin camp for years together. This was the first year that the group was starting to break up a bit....just due to kids getting older. I thought that the time at camp would be a bit emotional, so I wanted to have something on the schedule when we could get together. If I planned something big, it probably wouldn't happen, so I kept it on the really really simple side. I think that's the way a summer party should be anyway. Time to just sit and talk with the peeps.

Although I was only at violin camp for part of the week, it really was OK. It was different.....I didn't get to hang with the moms in the poker for the kids....but the camp is still good without my time to catch up with the other moms . We had air-conditioning this year and a bottom fitted sheet, but I would trade these upgrades to have the whole group back in the same dorm wing again.

Fortunately, the violin part camp still works for some of the kids by moving to the teen dorm or having a friend as a roommate instead of a parent. So the memories now will be a bit different for the kids but a good part of the camp remains. Even if all our violin friends don't come to violin camp anymore we can still share special times with them.....even if it is right at home. We started going to this camp 9 years ago, with new friends added every year. Part of the fun was the violin playing and the instruction and part of the fun was living in the Suzuki world. It's uber-cool that there is this opportunity for kids in central Wisconsin...and kids come from everywhere to attend this camp.

As I said, it was a really simple party. Bring an appetizer and a Point beverage of your choice and c'mon over.

Here's what I threw together based on a recipe card I have. I'm not sure of the origin of it, so I'm not giving the credit where it is due. I did a quick online search since I didn't want to steal someone else's recipe but couldn't find it.
8 oz cheddar
3 oz cream cheese
1/4 c mayo
1 T horseradish
1 1/2 T minced red onion
1 12/2 T chopped parsley
1/2 t dried mustard ( I used mustard from the jar. Check out Paul's mustard collection...ugh!)
3/4 t worcestershire

This picture is from my proud mom moment at the camp!

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