Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mocha Almond Biscotti

I did mention this version in my post 6/13. This is the exact recipe I have used since I clipped it from Eating Well magazine years and years ago.

I no longer make it with almonds due to the allergy in our home, but I made the chocolate and plain version recently for a UPAF event at Paul's work. His company does a lot of work in raising money for this fund....and part of this year's festivities was a bake sale. I was planning to make cut-out sugar cookies since I have a musical note cookie cutter and a violin shaped cookie cutter, but I really had way too much to get done on a day off after a swim meet (like meals and laundry and de-trashing the house) to make cut outs. I think that these will sell since it's a nice treat with coffee or tea.

The basic ratio of wet to dry ingredients does work for other flavors of these cookies...sweet and savory.

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